Get insights from your community with our Artificial Intelligence Platform

Get a thorough and smart reading of your contents reception to create the best strategies through a data-driven approach


Viralba is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform designed to help content creators and management agencies offer content in line with the desires of their audiences and obtain qualitative and quantitative feedback on the reception of posted contents , taking action at any time through information that the AI collects in real time from your social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and X – Twitter.

With Viralba, you can use out-of-the-box AI algorithms to identify community Emotions and Sentiment with respect to your products, to know exactly which topics and aspects of your production capture their attention and which of these they liked.

And which ones less so.


How is it working?

1. Log on your social media profile pages and accounts

All your online personas, together, to make your new Analytics homepage using artificial intelligence

2. Start the analysis

Delegate the full-time work of a team of analysts and sales people to the click of a mouse

3. GET REPORTS AND fine tune your content creation

Get feedback on Emotions and Sentiment regarding the topics that are most discussed by your audience

Why should I use Viralba?

Content creators and their management agencies are aware that it can be nearly impossible to keep up with the ever-changing online info-entertainment landscape without the right tools. You need to know what appeals to your audience, what communities value and what they do not.

But collecting, analyzing, and making sense of this data can take considerable time and, not least, be a real challenge.

Viralba is much more than a tool to help analyze data. It is a comprehensive platform that enables action at any time through information provided by AI. This means that you can make data-driven interventions that will have a real impact on your marketing efforts. Whether you need to modify your message, adjust your targeting, or change your strategy, Viralba makes it easy to do so with precision and confidence.

Our platform is designed to automate the process of collecting and analyzing data from all of your social accounts, so that you can spend less time doing computational work and more time focusing on what you do best: creating amazing content and engaging with your audience. With Viralba, you can make data-driven decisions in real time, gaining a competitive advantage and helping you stay ahead of the curve.


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Alessandro BasileCo-Founder & Advisor
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Maria Grazia MilazzoChief Financial Officer
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Luca SecchiCTO
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